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The Daasanach are an ethnic group of Ethiopia, Kenya and Sudan. Their main homeland is in the South Omo zone of the Southern Nations, Nationalities, and People's Region of Ethiopia, around the North end of Lake Turkana. The Daasanach are traditionally a pastoral people by tradition, but in recent years have become primarily agro-pastoral.

Having lost the majority of their lands over the past fifty years or so, primarily as a result from being excluded from their traditional Kenyan lands, including on both sides of Lake Turkana, and the 'Ilemi Triangle' of Sudan, they have suffered a massive decrease in the numbers of cattle, goats and sheep. As a result, large numbers of them have moved to areas closer to the Omo River, where they attempt to grow enough crops to survive.

Like many pastoral peoples throughout this region of Africa, the Daasanach are a highly egalitarian society, with a social system involving age sets and clan lineages - both of which involve strong reciprocity relations.

The Daasanach language is a Cushitic language, notable for its large number of noun classes, irregular verb system, and implosive consonants (for instance, the initial D in Daasanach is implosive, sometimes written as 'D).

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